Wicked At Apollo

After a really stressful week in school, I decided to treat myself to some tickets to watch Wicked!

I think I mentioned in a different blog post that I sometimes play online slot games. Well, last weekend was a very lucky one for me and I won the jackpot. That was around £500 and I was not really sure how to spend the money. I saved some of it in the bank but I thought that I deserved some reward.

When I talked to my best friend, she told me that my favourite theatre play was still being shown at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. It is already one of the longest running plays to be shown and that gave me the idea to buy tickets. I told my best friend and bought ourselves two tickets to watch the show.

My favourite theatre play – Wicked

I have always loved the story of Wicked. One of my favourite stories, when I was a kid, was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I remember receiving this book when I was small and I loved reading it. When the musical came out, it instantly became my favourite. I love the new angle that it presented and how it gives a new spin to my favourite book.

Since the musical became famous, I have watched it a couple of times already. The best thing about a theatre production is you can watch the same play and still get something new out of it. Either the actors are different or the set is. The costumes sometimes are also different. Being a live show, you get something new all the time. No two shows will ever be the same. Some of the differences are subtle. But since I am studying to be a theatre actress and I have watched this play several times, the differences are not lost on me.

Watching Wicked

The ticket I bought for me and my best friend got us premium seats. It cost me around £65 per piece but it was so worth it. We ate dinner before heading to the theatre. My best friend and I go to different schools so we are not always together. It was nice to catch up with her and spend some time watching my favourite play.

When we got to the Apollo Victoria Theatre, I was not surprised to see a full house. People always come to watch this play. It is really quite amazing and you can see that they did not hold back when it came to the production costs. From the costumes, production design, special effects – everything was done in such a spectacular way.

After watching Wicked, I am reminded of why I love this play so much. When I graduate, I will really try to audition to be a part of this show. Who knows – I might be a part of the cast when you watch the show!