Things I Do To Relax

The things I do to relax are actually quite diverse. Like everyone out there, life can get stressful for me sometimes. I do have personal problems and being a student, most of my problems involve school.

Acting school can be stressful

Some people think that acting school is not really stressful. It really is! You have no idea how it can be quite competitive sometimes. We do not just have to impress our professors and mentors, we also have to stand out among our peers.

Not only that, acting is hard work. Memorising the script, internalising, and going through all the rehearsals and production meetings can be time-consuming. All of these combined can really make you feel overwhelmed. If you cannot cope with all of these, you will feel a whole lot of stress.

Since I am already in my second year in acting school, my coursework is starting to pile up. With all the responsibilities and the upcoming deadlines and production numbers I am feeling really tense and stressed lately. I definitely need to come up with the usual things I do to relax.

What I do to relax

I have a couple of things that help me relax when I am feeling really anxious about everything that is going on in my life.

Most of the time, I just watch my favourite TV series. Sometimes, my hectic schedule will not permit me to see my favourite shows as they air live. But thanks to the Internet, I can catch them online. I get to catch up during my free time. Among my favourites include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Sherlock.

But watching tv series is not the only thing that I do online. I also love playing online slot games. I actually have an account in one online casino. It is not often used – but when I do, I spend hours online. I like how playing slots will not really make me think but will still help me win some money. There have been a couple of times when I was able to hit the progressive jackpot. The money helped me finance some of my projects in school so it all worked out really well.

When I am not online, I usually find myself reading a book. I know there are ebooks now but I am one of those who loves the smell of a real book in my hands. I can spend the whole day just sitting by the window and reading. It is one of the most relaxing things that I can do to.

These are only some of the things I do to relax. What about you? How do you relax?